Cryo Test of Satellite Modem


Determine whether or not the Digi M10 Satellite Modem will operate at the temperatures encountered in the jet stream. Determine whether or not two way data communications is available and reliable.


  1. Test cold-tolerance of Satellite Modem


  1. Place satellite modem in Cryo Chamber, taking precautions against excessive frost buildup and ESD.
  2. Ensure satellite modem can communicate with Orbcomm Network by checking network status every XX minutes.
  3. Ensure satellite modem can communicate with Orbcomm Network and transfer data by transmitting a test message every YY minutes.
  4. Ensure baud rate remains within specification by monitoring serial traffic every ZZ minutes.


  • A Temp below -40 was held for over 12 hours
  • Prelim results show satellite modem worked continuously over the period of the test
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