Cryo Test of Battery Pack Insulation


In order for the AA lithium batteries to perform based on our pre-determined discharge performance curves, it is necessary for us to insulate the battery pack in the payload.


Determine the internal temperature of an insulated payload box with batteries placed inside at sustained -60 deg C temperature


  1. outfitted cryo chamber, including
    1. styrofoam dry ice reservoir
    2. mounted fan
    3. temperature sensor
    4. web portal that displays temperature readings
    5. 10 lbs dry ice (if there is not enough left in the styrofoam dry ice chamber to complete the experiment)
  2. dry ice handling gloves
  3. battery pack insulation box (styrofoam box) with xx AA lithium batteries placed inside arranged in groups to provide higher voltages. Voltages required are expected to be: 12v, 5, 3.3v.
  4. temperature sensor


  1. Measure and record the ambient room temperature.
  2. Place the temperature sensor into the battery insulation pack prior to cooling.
  3. Seal the insulation pack.
  4. Wait 1 hour.
  5. Measure and record the internal temperature.
  6. Add dry ice into reservoir, if necessary. Be sure to wear the dry ice handling gloves.
  7. Place the battery insulation pack along with the temperature sensor into the cryo chamber cooled at -60 deg C.
  8. Wait 72 hours.
  9. Measure and record the internal temperature once every 24 hours.
  10. Retrieve the battery insulation pack.
  11. Select a battery from the edge of each of the “voltage groups” and measure and record the voltage.
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