Cryo test of unproven Flight Computer Connectors


The flight computer for the SpeedBall flights employs a modularized design for greatest flexibility. The various sensors will connect to the flight computer via a shared I2C bus, and thus requires connectors. Most connectors are rated for -40 deg C, but not explicitly for -60 deg C. At such low temperatures, the connectors can become brittle and/or pop loose.


Determine effect of sustained -60 deg C temperature on connectors to the flight computer.


  1. outfitted cryo chamber, including
    1. styrofoam dry ice reservoir
    2. mounted fan
    3. temperature sensor
    4. web portal that displays temperature readings
    5. 10 lbs dry ice (if there is not enough left in the styrofoam dry ice chamber to complete the experiment)
    6. dry ice handling gloves
  2. one of each type of connector


  1. Add dry ice into reservoir, if necessary. Be sure to wear the dry ice handling gloves.
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