Flight Algorithm Requirements v1

Flight Phase Determination

Phase Determination: 8 bit value. Nibble Y is a 4 bit status register. Bits 7:5 are currently reserved. Bit 4 indicates Automatic Flight Phase Logic disable (Where ZERO is on, 1 is off). Bits 3:0 are current phase.

  1. Phase 0: Pre-launch
    1. How entered:
      1. Programmed into NVRAM at software programming time
      2. Set by GSP link
      3. Set by telemetry uplink
  2. Phase 1: Initial Climb
    1. How entered:
      1. Set by GPIO Closure
      2. Set by telemetry uplink
    2. Actions at entry
      1. Save time of entry
  3. Phase 2: Cruise
    1. How entered:
      1. Set by telemetry uplink
      2. Onboard Logic Decision
        1. If above 8500m, AND Vertical Velocity is negative
  4. Phase 3: Terminal Descent
    1. Onboard Logic Decision
      1. While altitude is below ballast threshold and Vertical Speed exceeds -100 m/min
      2. Must return to flight mode if Negative Vertical Speed reduces to below -25 m/min, above 2000m
    2. Set by telemetry uplink of “CUTDOWN NOW” command
  5. Phase 4: Landed
    1. Set by telemetry uplink
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