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 +Rundown of last weeks to do list 
 +  *sat modem shield finished and ready to ship 
 +    *order parts 
 +  *Hardware checkout on SB4 still working 
 +  *Jose mapped commctrlr software  
 +    *next step algorithm mapping 
 +  *valve progress reviewed 
 +    *Gary's paper diagram presented 
 +    *need to find acrylic & adhesive, make plate 
 +    *paper needs coated, Jon is working on it. 
 +    *need to order valve springs 
 +  *Mission Control Software status ??? 
 +  *Rigging drill still pending 
 +    *mark spot to setup 
 +  *Calibrate sensors, moved to Hardware Checkout 
 +  *Cryo testing, chamber needs new power supply 
 +  *Revamp Website, finish writing 
 +  *Reincorporate, Josh is handling 
 +  *Sat modem testing 
 +    *next swap modem cut trace 
 +  *Iridium Service Contract (get one)
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